Cyberus Consulting Services

Supplementary to our products, we offer consulting services around the following topics:

Low-Level Security

Cyberus Technology co-discovered the Intel CPU vulnerabilities Meltdown and LazyFP. See also our technical blog articles about Meltdown and LazyFP.

Cyberus Technology was founded by specialists sharing common career history in CPU design and research at Intel. If you need consulting around securing your software solutions against CPU vulnerabilities, or secure CPU design, don't hesitate to contact us!

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Secure Microkernel Operating Systems

Our virtualization technology is based on the open source microhypervisor NOVA. We have a strong background in microkernel technology and the Intel x86 architecture.

Our specific areas of expertise:

  • CPU Architecture, hardware level security hardening
  • Operating systems design, C++ programming, hardware-assisted virtualization (Intel VT-x, VT-d)
  • Microkernel hypervisors, Virtual machine introspection (VMI)

Regression-free Development Processes

We crafted our own software development processes with quality-assurance as first-class design goal. For that purpose, we believe in continuous integration, reproducible builds, static analysis, rigorous code reviews, test-driven development, automated end-to-end testing, type safety, etc. If code is not tested automatically, we already consider it to be broken!

Strong adherence to such processes enables us to develop our highly complex virtualization solutions that support lots of different hardware platforms and guest operating systems, driven by small teams in fast pace, without running into regressions. We have also developed our own scaling bare metal test automation infrastructure.

If you wish for help modernizing or enhancing your own development processes, or need infrastructure to test your own bare metal software solutions, don't hesitate to call us!


With a rich variety of specialists in different fields we are able to provide trainings in different areas.

Are you missing anything? Please tell us: service@cyberus-technology.

Software Development

C++ Expertise

  • low-level C++ for secure and high-performance kernels, libraries, and applications.
  • No-cost abstractions, Metaprogramming
  • Test-Driven Development from beginning to end

Low-Level Chip Knowledge

Intel x86 CPU Architecture

  • Securing Code against speculative execution side channels
  • Intel VT-x hardware assisted virtualization

Operating System Design

Secure and fast Microkernels

  • Porting software to microkernel user spaces
  • Safely encapsulating critical software modules