Extend Your Mission-Critical Software's Lifetime

Run legacy software effortlessly on modern hardware

KronoCore helps you enable uninterrupted operations of mission-critical systems beyond their hardware's lifetime.

Overcome incompatibilities with modern technologies
Bridge the gap between legacy software and modern hardware, ensuring seamless integration and interaction with latest innovations.
Avoiding expensive redevelopment and maintain compliance
Leverage existing software investments and continue using well-known interfaces.

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Isolate mixed-security workloads with high performance and broad hardware support

The Cyberus Virtualization Solution enables multi-tenancy in workstations and appliances. Our broad hardware support enables near-native performance, our flexible architecture enables a tailor-made solution that fits your use-case and our rigorous testing ensures reliability for mission-critical applications.

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Cyberus Secure Virtualization Platform
Virtualization Meets German Engineering

Virtualization Meets German Engineering

→ Powerful, flexible, secure virtualization platform
→ Application from client to cloud
→ Quality and reliability for mission-critical applications
→ Your partner for digital sovereignty

Reduce quality assurance cost by empowering developers with quick feedback-cycles

Our software engineering philosophy has its origins in Jidōka, the car manufacturing system that empowers to permanently resolve any quality problem discovered on-line. We have adapted this system to create reproducible software that never ships bugs to the customer. We are happy to share what we have learned along the way.

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